FROM: Bruce, President Miami RC

Miami R/Cers!

The Corona Virus Mayhem has affected even Miami R/C!  The church where we have our meetings is, of course, closed until further notice.  This will affect our April election meeting.  I will be discussing this with the Board and we'll give you the information as to what we decide.  I would imagine we'll just postpone it until May and then go from there.

Also of even greater importance...

We have several very active members who have MAJOR health concerns.  I know of at least one transplant recipient and several guys with heart bypasses, pacemakers, lung issues, etc.  Plus, I believe our average age is still in the 60's.  Out of respect and compassion for everyone, we must do our best to exercise the standard behaviors that are recommended by the CDC and other government agencies. 

Rather than making up new rules of behavior specific to our field, we should review the information in the links below and then take these guidelines and procedures into consideration when we are at the field.  After all, the people making the recommendations for the guidelines from the government have a lot more data than we have. Therefore, it makes sense that we should just follow the recommended guidelines that are already posted seemingly everywhere we look.

Perhaps the most important of these guidelines would be to give people their space.  I have heard medical professionals state that being outside, there is little chance of transmitting the virus as long as we keep our distance from each other.  Our field, therefore, is truly a refuge that all of us can enjoy throughout this health crisis as long as we respect and are courteous to our fellow members.  In other words, let's just keep doing those things that have made us a great club: Courtesy and Respect.  Treating others as we would want to be treated.

Please visit these links to be prepared before your next flying session.

Perhaps as never before, Miami R/C has the potential of providing for its members a refuge, a haven, a place to escape the uncertainty and anxiety that's in the world today, if only for a few hours.  It's going to be up to us as members to make sure that's what Miami R/C truly becomes for us and our families.  This is something we all can do.

I look forward to seeing you at the field very soon.