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Bruce C. Winter Projects.
Project 1  Round 1 11/24/20

First of all, the Stinson in Jimmy Doolittle's Shell scheme.  The plane is all finished (after 2 years) except for the Saito FG-40 that is supposed to go in the front.  It's on backorder until January.  :(
Project 2  Round 1  11/24/20

In the second pic, the boxes contain the makings and retracts of a Zirolli 93" Corsair, which is what I'll be building over the winter.  Again, it will most likely take 2 years.  Thanks for looking!     
Project 2   Round 2  (12/03/20)
I've opened the box of wood from National Balsa and made an inventory.  All the shaped pieces (ribs, formers, etc.) are laser cut.  Everything else is sticks and sheets.  The first step for Ziroli plans is to build a crutch (pic. 1) and then put the formers on it (pic 2).  Next I will cut some stringers from sheet stock and put a few on to hold the formers straight. Then there's all sorts of wing saddle stuff to put on.  Eventually, I'll put the rest of the stringers on and sheet.  But that's pretty far ahead.  Thanks for looking!  P.S.  That's my "Project Manager" in the background of the first pic.
Project 2   Round 3  (12/14/20)
Here's where we are now with the Corsair.  I've sheeted the bottom of the fuse and installed the tailwheel.  Sheeting was done with two 4"X36" sheets of 1/8" balsa, then filling in the remaining spaces with much narrower planking, going all the way down to 1/16 and even thinner to fill in those pesky gaps between planks.  For the top, I'll most likely use 1/4" to 3/8" planking.  I need to leave the top open for now as I must strategize how the servo rods will connect with the elevator and the rudder.  They have to connect inside the fuse, but the tailwheel when it's retracted seems to take up an awful lot of space.  This is a "scale" build, so I can't have any ugly pushrods sticking outside of the fuse or Keith N. would never let me live it down.  However, I don't have his talent, so we may have to compromise.  But, it's way early, so we'll see!  Thanks for looking!
Project 2   Round 4  (12/28/20)
One of the most difficult things for me is planning ahead--like where and when to put in servos, etc. This is a Nick Ziroli kit and there is a general order of construction, but when it comes to servos and hatches, he says, "Install servos and make hatches."  Here I've managed to get the rudder/tail wheel and elevator servos installed, in addition to getting the air tank and valve assembly for the retracts.  The rudder/tail wheel servo is courtesy of member Don Dixon.  It has 300oz of torque!  I made a drawer for the batteries.  They are able to slide in and out if I need to get at them for balancing or whatever.
Project 2   Round 5  (12/28/20)
Here, I've installed all the switches and made a hatch.  On the full-size Corsair, there is a large, round panel that covers the fuel tank, located just in front of the cockpit.  I figured I take advantage of that convenient access to put my switches and my air chuck.  Getting older, you know, so I don't want to have to get down on my knees to fill up the retracts!  I got hatch inspiration from members Rick Patton and Keith Numbers.  The hatch is all shiny because I glassed it (.75oz fiberglass and epoxy) so it would keep its curve.  It's held down by magnets.  Thanks for looking!
Project 2   Round 6  (01/05/21)
Hey all!  Here's the front of the fuse all sheeted up.  It was a bit of work to get the sheeting around the hatch close to being smooth.  I'll do the final blending when I glass the whole fuse.  Also, I've installed the firewall.  Although you can't see it, it has 2 degrees down-thrust and 2 degrees eright-thrust.  I'm leaving the back open for now in order to finalize the control rods for the rudder and elevator.
Project 2   Round 7  (01/05/21)

So, moving on to the wing center section.  You'll the the beginnings of the signature gull-wing of the Corsair.  Also, I've managed to mount the retracts.  This was a lot of work, as again the destructions say "mount the retracts."  They are shown in the plans, but all that tells you is where to install them.  I think I'll have to contact Fabrication Guru Jim Dalton to help me do this right.  Now they are just on a 1/4" plywood rail joined to two ribs.  This is per plan, but I'll need to find a way to make this more robust.  I have to walk the line between making them just beefed up enough to endure a less-than-perfect landing but not so robust that they tear the wing in half if it's a really bad landing.  Better that the retracts tear out, leaving a hole that is repairable instead of not tearing out, and leaving a hole in my heart because of my new two-(or more) piece wing.
Project 2   Round 8  (01/22/21)
Hey Everyone!  I'm STILL working on that center section. :(  I've spent untold hours getting the retract mounts beefed up just right and making sure they operate without binding.  Victory in that area, but it hardly looks any different from the camera's point of view.  Also, many hours were spent building the flaps and making them work.  Think about it: the wing is curved and it needs to also move.  Well, after about 2 weeks of labor, I think I have them working well.  I've installed the flap servos and covered the top leading edge (crazy curves and bending) and now I only have to cover the top and bottom, which will be somewhat easier.  Then, on to the outer panels.  Thanks for checking in!