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Doug E. Winter Project
Project 1   Round 1  (12/29/20)
In the year of War Birds I decided to assemble the Hangar 9, 10cc ARF Ultra Stick.  I plan on using a G46 motor with a 6 cell battery.  The plane is covered in UltraCote and comes with both wing sections already glued together.  This plane has a wingspan of 60 inches and should weigh around 7 pounds. 
Project 1   Round 2  (01/10/21)
Attached ailerons and flaps, installed all servos in wing.  Plane is covered in Ultracote.  Covering had many wrinkles and spent close to 1  hour with a heat gun to tighten.. Next phase is attaching tail feathers and installing all servos.
Project 2 - My Broder War Story


The Ultra Stick played an important role in the brief border war of 2020 between the Electric Weenies and the MRC Gassers led by Commander Keith N.  More history will follow during the build!!!


Border War continued!!  The Weenies were greatly outnumbered both financially and “Number” wise.  The defection of two Weenies Troy “Piqua” S. and Jim D. to the gasser side did not help the situation. Help from Moe’s seaplane squadron was unavailable due to the lack of progress on the proposed pond at the flying Field!  Stay tuned for the next edition!!!