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Here's all you have to do to get your very own page:

1.  Send your project info to Miami RC, use this email address: myproject@mrcflyer.org

2.  In your first email include a short description of your project plus TWO pictures.

3.  As you make headway with your project, share your progress by sending no more than 2 pictures at a time, and a short description of your progress.

4.  When Harry receives your email sent to the above address, he will make a page for your project.  He'll load your description and pix as he receives them.

This is all you need to do:

1. Go to http://mrcflyer.org/index.html. 
   a. On the right side of the photo, you'll see the list of Winter Projects.
   b. Click on Members Only at the bottom of that list (it's alo in the navigation ribbon)
   c. Log In using your initials and your AMA number.
   d. Click on Log In or just hit enter

2. On the right is a list of Winter Project member names.

3. Click on the name, this will open another window in your email
   a. You can now send a Review/Coment e-mail to the Project Member selected. 
Please Include in the reivew the Project and Round number.
   b. After you hit "send," you may have to hit the back button once or twice to get back to the club's website.

4. The Project Member whose project you are Reviewing/Commenting on will now receive your comments.
   a. If the Project Member who receives your Review/Comments would like to have them posted:
       1. they should forward the Review to
myproject@mrcflyer.org <mailto:myproject@mrcflyer.org>.  This way the Winter Project member has control of the items on his page.
b. If the Project Member takes offence:
       1. He can forward the offending comments to President Bruce.
       2. He will save them for a beginning of flying season article titled, "Club Members Who Have Volunteered to Clean the Port-a-Potty"

5. When Harry receives the Review from the Project Member,  
   a. He will post it to the correct Project and Round,
   b. Add to the Review/Comment Page
   c. This will be set up when the first Review is received.

This looks complicated, but when you do it once, then it's easy!