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John (Jack) D. Winter Projects 1, 2, 3 & 4
Project 1   Round 1  (11/20/20)
I am building the B-29 designed by Pat Tritle. Power is four 2212/15 930 kv motors. Trying to keep this very light. Using Parklite covering and I really like it.
Project 1  Round 2  (11/29/20)
"Well, I am making some progress. I finally got the custom decals applied and I feel confident Iím in full compliance with the latest FAA directives.Ē
Project 1  Round 3  (12/05/20)
Well, I had tested all the ESCís on the bench, then tested them installed in the wing before covering, then after covering the wing.  Everything good.  Then yesterday engine #2 was not working and after more testing determined that the Suppo 18A ESC needs to be replaced.
Project 1  Round 4  (12/12/20)
The B-29 is about done now. Will add decals later. I managed to hit my weight target for the plane so thatís good
Project  2  DC-6B is about done (12/12/20)
It may be a stretch but itís sort of a warbird given that it was sometimes used as a waterbomber.  It was supposed to be a troop carrier but it didnít enter service until 1946.

This is another Pat Tritle design kitted by Dare/Brodak. It has a 60 inch span, 4x 18A ESCs (which I think are oversized), 4x Suppo 2212 motors, Suppo SP-90 and SP-60 servos, 3S 2200mah lipo. Covered with Parklite covering
Project  3 Round 1 (12/17/20)
Iím in the home stretch to complete Project #3. This is a 60 inch Lockheed Super Constellation with Suppo 2212/930 kv motors, 12A ESCs, and 2200 3S Lipo. Using Parklite covering and TWA decals from Callie. This has been a fun kit to build and it could be considered a warbird as the AF and Navy operated them also.
Project  3 Round 2 (12/31/20)
The Constellation is pretty much done now and the weight came out good. Thinking about the next project-maybe a B-17 build. Or maybe Iíll help Bruce build his Corsair!! (just kidding)
Project  4 Round 1 (01/13/21)
Here is project #4Ö.another Pat Tritle design. This time a B-17. As far as progress goes, I have opened the box and looked around inside. Thinking I might use Eflite 10-15 size retracts but maybe not.