JIM D. Winter Projects  
Project 1   Round 1  (11/17/20)
My winter project is an Extreme Flight Slick 580. 74" wingspan, 30cc (gas equivalent ) Xpwr motor , 120A ESC, 12S.  Weighs just shy of 11 pounds.
This power system makes 3000 watts, so it should go straight up really well!!
I'll send some more pics as it goes together.

Project 1   Round 2
Tail group and main landing gear complete.  Also acquired some clear fingernail polish to seal those small pointy trim pieces. I have found that it  works really well. Brush a very small  amount on the tip of the trim piece, it is barely noticeable and holds for the life of the model.

Project 2     Round 1  (11/21/20)
Additional winter project. This plane has gone through several owners and has survived the ages. The aircraft now belongs to Russ Bertke.  It's an old Goldberg 300 model originally built by me in 1991.  This plane was flown at the Joe Nall show in 1992 when it was still held at the Hartness Estate.  Last winter the old ST 90 was retired and we converted it to electric power. Took a while to get the logistics worked out.  Motor thrust lines , balance, battery access, cowling rework were some of the considerations before starting on the conversion.  Cosmetics took a backseat during the conversion because we wanted to make sure the model flew well before worrying about looks.  The plane flew really well as an electric so we decided to go ahead with the next phase.  That's where we are now. Intent is to strip all the covering, repair and reglue as necessary, rehinge, rework canopy and cowling. 

Project 2     Round 2
The original 300 canopy was the long tandem two seat version.  The rear section had some damage and the entire assembly was plastic which would require trying to match paint. So we decided to remove the damaged section and cut away all the non canopy areas eliminating two problems at once.  Basically duplicated the original hood area with wood so it can be covered with color matching film. Shortened the canopy by 5 inches. It's now an Extra 330SC.  Up next, stripping all the old covering.