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JIM D. Winter Project 1
Round 1  (11/17/20)
My winter project is an Extreme Flight Slick 580. 74" wingspan, 30cc (gas equivalent ) Xpwr motor , 120A ESC, 12S.  Weighs just shy of 11 pounds.   This power system makes 3000 watts, so it should go straight up really well!!
I'll send some more pics as it goes together.

Round 2  (11/20/20)
Tail group and main landing gear complete.  Also acquired some clear fingernail polish to seal those small pointy trim pieces. I have found that it  works really well. Brush a very small  amount on the tip of the trim piece, it is barely noticeable and holds for the life of the model.
Round 3  (12/05/20)
Slick project is coming along nicely.  Radio/battery compartment nearly complete.
30cc power, 120 A ESC.
Round 4  (12/10/20)
Nearly complete. Things left to do, final balance, double check everything preflight and recheck all the transmitter settings (throws, EPA, expo, control surface centering and direction, etc)