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Keith N. Winter Project 1
Final Round

OK, so Bruce is pestering us to post projects, but he didnít say it had to be an R/C aircraft project, so just for fun...

Keithís Master Bathroom Remodel

Description:  Full gut job on our master bathroom.  We hired Craftsman Home Improvement to do most of the work...they did a great job.  Unless you do your own work, the cost of remodeling is astonishing though!  Biggest modification is removing the whirlpool tub (which Iíve used maybe 4-5 times in the last 20 years), and turning that space into a large walk-in shower.  Also added a vanity nook where the wife will make herself beautiful (and get all her stuff off the main counter!).
Project 1  Round 1  12/02/20
1st pic is the space where the whirlpool tub was.  Glass block windows installed where double-hungs used to be to facilitate shower enclosure.
2nd pic is the whirlpool tub temporarily relocated to our bedroom, which as become the temporary work and trash area.
Project 1  Round 2  12/04/20
1st pic is where the shower used to be.  There was some water damage in subfloor where we had a leak in the old shower pan, that had to get replaced.

2nd pic is yours truly vacuuming up the mountain of dust that comes from removing the old floor tile and concrete backer board...mmmm, I can still taste the grit.
Project 1  Round 3   12/07/20
New shower tile installation.  We had them add a nice big bench.
Project 1  Round 4   12/15/20
Tile work in the shower completed, cabinets installed, and added some new closet organizers.

Countertops arrive today, shower doors tomorrow.
Project 1  Final Round   12/21/20
Countertops and shower doors installed, cloths loaded into the closet organizer.  My wife organized my T-shirts into groups:  RC/aviation, sports, and misc.  Now I have no excuse to be properly dressed for any occasion!

The large shower is really nice, except that the glass block windows are not very insulating, so it feels cold standing next to them.  Easily remedied by turning up the hot water.

OK, enough with the bathroom remodeling,
let's get back to the FE-8...