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Mo A. Winter Project 1 &  2
Project 1 - ROUND 1  (12/11/20)

I have decided to provide a non-conformist option for this non-contest contest.  I am building a non-warbird warbird, and it shall be constructed out of foam.  Don't let the decal sheet fool you - this Model Aero kit Aqua Cat is not a real Navy aircraft.  It will, however, be ready for maiden on the float pond that Doug perennially promises. I've built a similar aircraft, the Polaris, out of blue insulation foam.  It is durable, but heavy. Looking forward to using the same powertrain rescued from another failed experim..er..learning opportunity.
Project 1 - ROUND 2  (01/02/21)

Sub-assemblies complete and primary assembly in progress. Adding in the electronics is the next step.
While I've built from plans on numerous occasions, this is my first from a pre-cut kit.  I am sold!  Cutting your own parts is for the birds. And maybe Keith N.

Note: Still waiting on Doug E to post update on Project 2: Float Pond.

Project 1 - ROUND 3  (01/16/21)

The Aqua Cat is maiden ready!  Just need a range test, fair winds, and fifties. Doug E. doesn't return my calls about the float pond anymore, so I covered the bottom with cheap plastic folders from the Isalnd of Misfit School Supplies for smoother ground ops.  This thing does great horizontal "hammerheads" on the ground with nearly zero turn radius, and I hope to reveal a similar balance of stability and agility when I get it airborne. See you at the field soon, and stay tuned for Project #2.

Project 2 - ROUND 1  (02/05/21)

CAP 21 aerobatic plane
The Avions Mudry CAP 2xx series made a name for itself on the full-size aerobatic circuit in the 80s.  This kit is from Great Planes and may be around 1984 vintage with 60" wingspan.  I'm powering it with a Cobra 4120 and a 6S 5000mAh which will now make the plane around 12oz heavier than original.  CAP models are known to have a wicked bite if slowed too much leading one commentor on a forum to joke, "You know the best way to keep a CAP from tipstalling?...Fly an Extra."  Second pic is the fusing of sheets for Horiz Stab sheeting.  It has begun