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Please read the Membership Requirements before applying for membership.
1- Current AMA membership. 
2 - Sponsor who is a member.
3 - Membership Vacancy.                
4 - Approval by Club Board of Directors.
5 - Payment of all dues, fees and assessments.
6 - Applicants under 18 years of age requires Co-Signature from parent or guardian.

Comply with AMA Safety Codes and Club Field Rules.
Yearly dues for Junior Membership (Under 19) are  twenty-five percent (25%) of the regular membership dues.  There is no initiation and field maintenance fee.

DUES AND FEES:  Dues - $85.00 per year
(Dues pro-rated after Aug. 31 at $7.00 per month.  First year Initiation Fee - $15.00
Runway/field maintenance assessment is $55.00
Total members cost first year - $155.00

The initiation fee and runway assessments are one time only and do not apply to current or former club members.

Applicants under age 18 please use the paper form. Under age 18 On Line application cannot be processed without Co-Signature.