Hey Miami R/C!

A big THANK YOU for everyone who came out to the club meeting Tuesday April 12, 2016.  We had a big crowd for the all-important task of electing new officers.

The results are:

Bruce Curlette     President
Mike Morgan       Vice-President
Harry Woosely     Secretary
Jeff Holsinger      Treasurer

Mark Klingler
Jim Masters
Keith Numbers

Of the three Board positions, there were two open positions for Board Member.  Per our constitution, Mark Klingler has a more-or-less permanent position on the Board as he is the past-president.  Until you guys decide to can Bruce, Mark will be on the Board.  Previous Board Member John Finn asked to step down.  Nominations were held and Jim Masters, Keith Numbers and Rick Patton were nominated.  The membership voted and Jim came up with the most votes with Keith coming in second.

Thank you, John, for serving so faithfully during your time on the Board.  Welcome, Keith!  We look to benefiting from your experience in your leadership role in the RAMS club.

Thank you, Miami R/C, for your faith in our leadership.  All of us want to serve Miami R/C in the very best way we can.  Communication is an important part of that.  If you have an idea or concern, please let one of us know.

At the meeting, we also solidified the budget.  It will be posted in the members only section of our web site, soon.

SAVE the DATE!  April 30 is our official Opening Day Celebration.  The club will provide hotdogs, burgers, chips and drinks.  Please plan on bringing some sort of shareable something.  Lunch will be around noon.

Spring is upon us.  I hope to be seeing all of you soon.

As everyone knows, we had a grub infestation at the end of last season.  The membership voted to spend up to $1,000 to get that taken care of.  We received many generous donations, big and small, to help us cover the cost.

Jeff has figured out a way that we can effectively do it ourselves and save about $500.  He has a spreader that he uses in his business.  All he needs is help with the bags of grub poison, loading them into the spreader, etc.

Here are the folks who have so graciously volunteered to be Grub Warriors:

Keith Numbers (feeling the afterglow of new Board Member status!)
Bruce Curlette
Mike Morgan
Brian Bertke
Jim Dalton
Jim Masters
Tom Reinhardt
Doug Erhardt
Tom Van Oss

Of course, anyone else is surely invited.  An email will be sent out as the poison needs to be spread before it rains.  The rain makes the poison soak into the ground.  Jeff anticipates that it would take an hour or less.  Therefore, there won't be much advanced notice on when we do it.

Keep you eyes peeled!

Good News!  Potty has been cleaned and is on a bi-weekly cleaning schedule through Nov. 14. 

All the best,