Hey Miami R/Cers!

We had quite an excellent time at our annual Opening Day Picnic this past Saturday.  We had good food, good flying and good camaraderie. 

35 folks showed up for the festivities.  It was a little cold at first, but by the time lunch time rolled around, it was comfortable, plus we had some nice periods of sunshine.

The food was FANTASTIC!  Bruce managed not to burn anything and Pat Drake did a masterful job at making things attractive, organizing the line and placing everything in a logical order.  She even had table cloths.  Many people brought food to share in what has become a superb potluck.  We had three different and delicious salads along with fruit and baked beans and stuffed peppers and cakes and pies and cookies.  All this with the club's chips, burgers and dogs.  Thank you very much to everyone who brought something.  It was a fist-class meal with plenty of leftovers to graze on for the rest of the day.

The flying was also great!  The wind was pretty minimal with only an occasional pop-up.  It was a delight to fly with each other.  For the most part, everyone flew and most flew several times.  We had everything from 1/3 scale behemoths to little foamies to helicopters.  Everyone flew well with each other.  It was truly a family atmosphere.

Two observations:

1.  If you've not come out to one of our picnics, you REALLY ought to.  They are enjoyable, even if you don't fly.  One of the members commented, "it's like a real picnic."  It is, only we get to fly, too! 
Our next big picnic is July 4.  Please plan on attending!

2.  Miami R/C is blessed.  Blessed with a beautiful field, but more importantly, blessed with a wonderful membership.  We all get along!  How many clubs can you say that about?  Not only that, but we like to hang out with each other.  This was strikingly evident this past Saturday.  We all had a good time, period.

Don't forget: May 8th is our first HDN (Hot Dog Night) and our first Night Fly!!!  We eat around 6 and fly to whenever.  Come on out!

See you, then!