Members of MRC helped out at Bellbrook Middle School with their 3 STEM Aviation and Flight classes.

Again this Spring (May 11th, 2022) and things went great. Club members Mo Azar, Jim Martin, Doug Miller, Tom Bean, and non-member Ed Wallace flew demonstration flights and introduced 12 individual students to R/C with buddy box flights. Mo started each of the 3 classes off with a presentation on R/C flight controls and characteristics of dihedral winged aircraft, Ed had 3 amazing control-line flights, and Doug showed his building and flight skills with his electric Dragonfly. The big highlight for each class/students was Jimís surprise candy drop with his Big Red Hen. The morning was a huge success.
Students wait to grab candy after Jimís flight/drop.†
Dougís electric Dragon Flight and Jimís Big Red Hen.
Mo and Tom work with students on buddy box pre-flight instructions.