Bruce C  Continued  11/03/21
Here is Project 1 from last year.† All finished and the maiden flight was July†22.† Has a Saito FG-40 gas engine.† Sounds pretty, looks pretty, flies OK.††

(this was on the website, so wanted to show I finished it!)

Thank you
Hey Miami R/Cers!† Here is the continuation of my project from last year: a Corsair FU-4.† With these Ziroli kits, it takes two years or more.† As I'm trying to make it fairly "scale," the closer you get to being done, the farther away you are from finishing.† And I'm not that good at the details like Keith Numbers is!† Anyway, here's where I left off last season.† I have the left wing tip skinned and all the flying surfaces assembled.† Next is the right.† I hope to get it finished by October of next year.† More to come! (obviously, much more...)
MY WINTER PROJECT - ROUND 2     (12/21/2021) 
Hey All!  Here’s my continuation of the right wing panel. Here it is all framed up and the top sheeting being glued on.  Look at all those pins!!!  You will notice that the flap and aileron are constructed as part of the wing.  Then they’re cut out.

Here it is all sheeted, with the flap and aileron still attached.
And here it is with the flap and aileron detached.
Next, Iíll need to put in the servo, sheet the bottom and then attach both wing panels to the center section.  Then Iíll have to mess around with the flaps until they work just right.  Sounds E-Z, right?  Well, weíll see!  Thanks for looking!