Saturday Jan 2, 2021
2021 Delayed Freeze-Fly this past Saturday!  It was chilly,  but no wind and considerably dryer than Jan. 1 was.
I believe that both Max and Jeff H. toughed it out on Jan. 1 and flew in the New Year like we normally do.  It actually turned into a good day around 3pm.

Keith and another member welcomed Steve B and his grandson to the field.  Steve was a member several years ago, and is getting back into the hobby in order to teach his grandson about our great hobby/sport.

Joe H. was actually flying a glo engine powered (vintage Moonwalker) plane that he build from a kit and Keith flew his gas powered clipped wing Monocoupe.  The rest of us shivered around with electrics.  Of interest were the following: Tom flew his 40 year old Old Timer thingy that I can't remember what it's called, Jack flew his DC-3 and Troy continues to defy the laws of physics by flying his multiple-time repaired T-28 that must weigh 10lbs by now.  The rest of us flew mostly uninteresting aircraft that guaranteed a successful flight.

After the Freeze-Fly, many members went to long-time member and immediate past president Mark Klinger's funeral.  It was encouraging seeing so many members not only from Miami R/C, but from clubs all over the region.  Mark was a man who contributed to his entire community.  There was a steady line of folks offering their condolences to Pam, her daughter and her mom for the entire two hours of the visitation. 

We were blessed to have a man like Mark as a member.  Aside from just being a great guy and a fine person, his history in R/C planes was deep and celebrated.  For those of us with gassers, he could resurrect the deadest engine, and was happy to lend a hand or give useful tips whenever he could.   We will miss you, Mark!

God Bless and Happy New Year.  I look forward to flying with everyone once the weather lets up.