Hey Miami R/Cers!

We had a GREAT time at the Fun Scale Event Saturday July 24, 2021!!!  It was our Second Annual Fun-Scale "Competition."  The weather was beautiful, the winds were fairly calm and even sometimes right down the runway and the competing pilots were a sight to behold!

With pilots, judges, runners and observers, we had about 18 people there.  We had 4 pilots enter the "competition":

Mo A. - E-Flight Beaver (Novice)
Tom B. - 30cc Waco (Advanced)
John D. - 80-inch P-47 (Advanced)
Mike D. - 30% Edge (I think) (Novice)

Judges were:
Jim M.
Rick P.

Score Technician:
Harry W.

Score Sheet Runner:
Todd R.

Here are the results:
Mike D. proved that bigger flies better by besting Mo A. by just 4 points (Mike 72.563, Mo 68.563).  Mo put up a valiant fight and should be congratulated for his courage.  Mike showed us how it was done by his smooooooth and precise maneuvers.

John D. eked out a victory over Tom B. by only .50 points.  (John 92.25, Tom 91.75).  However, to John's credit, he conquered his nerves and flew calmly and impressively.  His landings with that P-47 were PERFECT!  To be fair, Tom also flew impressively.  Landing that Waco with a crosswind was not easy.

BIG THANKS go to Tom B. for coming up with the idea to have this Fun-Scale event and see it through.  It proved to be entertaining for the observers and quite instructive to the pilots.

Thank you to the judges, Jim and Rick, who stayed out under the sun for about 4 hours.  They went out of their way to encourage each pilot, and gave them useful tips on how to fly various maneuvers better.

And a VERY big thank you goes to Harry W., who spent hours and hours constructing a scoring program.  That time paid off handsomely when it came down to computing all the scores at the end of the day.  One push of a button and there they were, along with the ability to see scores in a variety of contexts (high, low, by maneuver, etc.).

Hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks were served for lunch by chef Bruce C.

All in all, it was a great time.  It's really a fun, low-pressure day.  It's meant to be encouraging, and it was!

Again, BIG thanks to the Judges, Pilots, Helpers and all who came out to watch!

Really, you ought to consider doing it next year.

All the best and see you at the field!