Hey Miami R/Cers!
We had a GREAT time for our very wet Freeze-Fly!  In attendance were:
Tom Bean, John Drake, Don Morrison, Mike Morgan, Jim Dalton, Troy Slone, Bruce Curlette,
Bill Brucken, Jim Hammond, Max Roadruck, Don Dixon, Roger Reedy.

Mike flew his Stryker at about 100mph through the rain.  Jim sent his P-51 out from the protection of the shelter.  Troy flew his 1st generation T-28 and Bruce flew his.  Bill flew a 40-size Towers trainer converted to electric.  Jim Hammond had a glo engine all ready to go, except it wouldn’t.  Honest, he said he started it fine in his shop!  Don Dixon flew his Fun-Cub.  Max Roadruck flew his perennial Radian and also took the honors of being the first to fly from our field in 2022.  The rest of the attendees gave solid moral support.  Oh, and Tom flew his micro plane at his house before he came.  So, I guess that counts. :)

Outside of the steady rain, it was a perfect day for flying: no wind, temps around 60, a bunch of good guys at the field with good conversation and friendly banter.
After about 30 minutes of flying, we all went to Applebee’s for lunch.  We were served right away, and everyone had a good time.  Jeff Holsinger joined us.  He couldn’t believe anyone went flying.  But, to his credit, he did fly yesterday.
Really, it ALWAYS is a good time, regardless of the weather.  If you’ve never come to a Freeze-Fly, you owe it to yourself to come next year.
All the best!