On June 4th, Miami RC held an informal glider launch event at 2 PM. This was attended by six members.  Mike won the award for the glider that climbed the fastest. Tom and Jack brought their larger 2.5m sailplanes. Harry brought an old time glider. It might be so old that it was constructed by the Wright brothers. Okay, itís not that old but maybe 1980ís. Another member brought several vintage hand toss gliders. Everyone had a good time even though we did not catch any thermals. The one time I turned around and looked at the members watching us fly, only about half of them had fallen asleep from the lack of excite. Our flight times were relatively short at 20 minutes so the field was not impeded for other flyers for too long. I know of two other members that have gliders and hopefully next time they will participate. Thanks again to everyone who came out.
Tim Herr

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