Jim D            12/11/21
This is the first model of the winter for me. Last year I went a little overboard with my building!!  So I'm starting later in the building season to help with that problem!!

This is a Pilot Extra NG . Patterned after the full size Extra. 67" wingspan about 8.5 pounds. Will be electric powered 6S Lipo.

Last year I lost my EF Slick , I have the replacement on order and that will hopefully be the only two models I build this winter. But probably not!! HA

If anyone in the club needs help with a model or wants to convert one to electric I have LOTS of free time and would be glad to help you out with any portion of your project. Just call, text or email.

Update  01/04/2022
Been walking past the box for a month , finally cleared the bench off.   Glued all the hinges in place and installed the tail feathers. The way that these Pilot models are designed the fit is perfect.  All the components are keyed in such away that when installed the alignment is dead on. No sanding or filing necessary. 
I pushed the horizontal stab into place, checked it for parallel with the wing and squareness with the fuse and it was dead on .  Tailwheel and main gear went on with no issues. Ordered slightly larger and softer DuBro 3" wheels .  Even with my poor hearing, I HATE the sound of those factory rock hard wheels.  The factory units now have a permanent place on the shelf with the other 20 or so rock hard wheels.
I ordered a motor and ESC from Innov8tive Designs,  If you guys ever need help with an electric project try this guy out. Owner is Lucien Miller, top notch guy. He is EXTREMELY helpful with electric plane issues.
Here's the link to his store https://innov8tivedesigns.com/      Lucien will bend over backwards to help.
All 4 servos going in next , then comes the motor/ESC.

MY PROJECT # 1 READY TO FLY   1/17/2022
The Pilot Extra is ready for test flight.  
Model went together with no issues. 
I added separate power for the receiver, a 2S Life battery 2100 mah.
6S power , using 4000 mah Lipo
Motor is a Innov8tive Designs  4530-440, 17-8 wood prop
100 A ESC
Should be around 2000 watt output at 85A
Plane weighs about 8 ibs.  

Project 2 of 3 for this winter.  (1/22/2022)

Phoenix Ryan STA      Will be using Innov8tive Designs 4250-470 motor , 100A ESC, 17-8 wood prop, 6S Lipo 4-5000mah

No changes to the basic kit other than slightly larger /softer wheels.  

Should be adequate power for scale flying plus a little extra.