Well, true to form, we had a very enjoyable club gathering for our Opening Day Picnic!  Although it was pretty windy, a number of people took advantage of the otherwise beautiful weather and perfectly manicured field to fly whatever they brought.  Jeff even flew his monstrously giant Super-Cub.

The food was delicious as usual, thanks to Tom Bean's grilling and Pat Drake's organization.  Someone said there was an "obscene amount" of desserts.  Well, with 1/3 pound burgers and Nathan's hot dogs, you need lots of desserts just to balance those great tastes!  Anyway, what gets eaten at the field has no calories and no adverse effects on anyone's health.

Thank you to all who came!  This is why Miami R/C is such a vibrant club: people coming out because they enjoy the beauty of the field, the camaraderie and the flying.

Of course, the food helps!