Tom B     12/11//21

RC Factory & Twisted Hobby’s
CLIK 21 super-lite precision flight profile plane
Photo #1: Box (only <2” high) with plane kit, motor, servos, battery, and ESC arrived 3 days after order. Sweet!
Photo #2: A little dry time as wing/tail/fuselage carbon fiber support rods dry. Lipo batteries used to keep everything flat and at 90degrees while drying.
Photo #3: Carbon fiber rods for Aileron support, motor, and gear glued in place. Elevator servo in place as well.
Photo #4: Fuselage top 1/2 in place and back half of vertical stab and rudder glued to top/bottom fuselage. Tomato soup can used for support (not just good for dinner!!)
Photo #5: Side Force generators, elevator/aileron fences, air brakes, and horizontal cantilizer glued on. All servos, elevator/rudder push rods (0.8mm diameter), and (2s cell 180-450mAh) motor in place.
Wheels, pants, and prop (8x4.3) will be added to complete project.