We had a GREAT dinner on Saturday night!!!  19 of us got together for some good food, but more importantly, great fellowship.  Although we didn't pay for it, the restaurant ended up giving us the private room.  We all sat at a long table.  It was easy to get up and go up or down the table to talk with everyone.  Good conversation abounded with us getting pretty loud at times!  At the end, all the wives were thanked for being so patient with our great hobby.  A theme of most conversations contained something like, "So, he's building a plane right now, why does he have another one (or two) in a box???" 
In order to increase participation, we will be talking more about the Winter Dinner earlier in the season so that we can have a dinner that would include everyone who would like to go.  Again, it's not the place or the type of food, but the availability of a place to go that can accommodate as many of us who want to go. 
So, as you think of it, feel free to send me suggestions about where you think would be a good place to have a Winter Dinner.  I'll collect them and we can discuss them at meetings and at the field.