Please read the Membership Requirements before applying for membership.
1- Current AMA membership. 
2 - Sponsor who is a member.
3 - Membership Vacancy.                
4 - Approval by Club Board of Directors.
5 - Payment of all dues, fees and assessments.
6 - Applicants under 18 years of age requires Co-Signature from parent or guardian.

Comply with AMA Safety Codes and Club Field Rules.
One General Membership includes all persons of one immediate family household.

DUES AND FEES:  Dues - $85.00 per year
(Dues pro-rated after Aug. 31 at $7.00 per month.  First year Initiation Fee - $15.00
Runway/field maintenance assessment is $55.00
Total members cost first year - $155.00
The initiation fee and runway assessments are one time only and do not apply to current or former club members.


Junior Membership (Under 19) and not a immediate family household member.
Yearly dues for are  twenty-five percent (25%) of the regular membership dues.  There is no initiation and field maintenance fee.
A Junior Membership is not a immediate family household membership.
Requires a AMA Junior membership.


Print Paper Form & Mail

On Line Application
Under age 18 On Line application cannot be processed without Co-Signature.

Any Questions please Contact Us