Updated 6/3/2018

1.   A current AMA membership is required to fly at this field.  Exception (AMA Insurance Coverage): “Any flying at the field on a “buddy-box” permits a non-AMA member to fly on a one time-per-person basis”.   NOTE: More information in AMA Document 911.

2.   Frequency board use:  When a person is ready to use their 72 mhz FM transmitter for any reason, that person must get the pin from the frequency board, clip on transmitter. Use of frequency pin is limited to 15 minutes if others are waiting.  When use of the frequency is done return the PIN to the proper location on the frequency board.

3.   While guest are always welcome, there shall be a limit of one (1) guest per club member per day and  their flying activities must not infringe upon club members use of the field.  Guest will be limited to  three flying sessions excluding special events as approved by the Board of Directors.  The club member must be present at all times with their guest. Club members are responsible for advising guest of these rules...

4.   While flying the pilot is to stand at or behind the flight line on the (PIT) side of the runway.  AMA RULE RC-7 - ……… powered model may be flown outdoor closer than 25 feet to any individual, except for the pilot and the pilot's helper(s) located at the flight line.

5.   ALL TAKE OFFS AND LANDINGS SHOULD BE INTO THE WIND WHEN POSSIBLE AND NEAR THE CENTER OF THE RUNWAY, ALL  FLYERS SHOULD USE THE SAME PATTERN.   NO CROSS RUNWAY TAKE OFFS AND LANDINGS.  Emergency landings may cause a different landing pattern.  In case of an Emergency, the pilot must make an effort to announce such Emergency, all other flyers must then avoid flying over the runway until all airplanes and people are clear of the runway.

6.   Flying behind or over the PIT & PILOT AREA and PARKING LOT and Intentionally flying toward the pits is prohibited. 

7.   DO NOT PIT IN FRONT OF SHELTER. Flyers are to stay alert for and keep their aircraft well away from all full size air traffic.

8.  TAXING INTO PITS AND PILOT AREA IS PROHIBITED. You may taxi from your pit location to RUNWAY AREA.  Engines should never be revived up in the pit area when the airplane is pointed  in the direction of other people including self.  After landing kill engine before entering pit area.  Work on equipment or airplanes within the shelter is allowed except for running engines, electric or IC.

9.   All trash, including broken propellers, is to be removed when leaving the field.

10.  If someone is mowing there is no flying.

11.  A Household Member and/or Guest under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present when they are at the field flying or working on their equipment.

12.  Keep all torque rolling and 3D moves over the tilled portion of the property away from the runway.

13. No vehicles are allowed beyond the Northwest end of the pit/runway area except motor homes.

14.  When driving on the gravel lane in the field, the farmer’s vehicles have the right-of-way and no parking of vehicles on the gravel lane, this lane must stay open for the farmer’s vehicles.

15.  If a member brings a table or stand to work from or a canopy, it must be removed when said member leaves the field, it cannot be left on the property.

16.  The OWNER and OPERATORS hereby grants permission to MRC members to enter other areas of the property adjacent to the runway to retrieve downed aircraft and for no other reason.  Only the aircraft owner and no more than 2 helpers are allowed to retrieve the downed aircraft.

17.  No member or family member shall be allowed on other parts of the property except by rule 16.  Everyone must stay in the grass/runway area.

18.  FLYING FIELD OPENS FOR FLYING:  9:00 am every day.  Night flying, of electrics, is allowed following AMA Rule RC - 9.   Radio-controlled night flying is limited to low-performance model aircraft (less than 100 mph). The model aircraft must be equipped with a lighting system which clearly defines the aircraft's attitude and direction at all times.

19.  When using the Charging Station, DO NOT park airplanes in the shelter to charge in plane batteries, Please use the outlets available on each end of the shelter parking you plane outside of the shelter.  The table top of the Charging Station is for chargers and batteries while charging.  Please return the club’s charging adaptor to the location you found it.

20.  Model Rockets are not allowed.

21.  Drones (quad-copters) may be flown for recreation only, must follow the flight pattern if others are flying plus all AMA safey codes and Club Field Rules.

22.  Camping at the field is for Miami RC members only.