"Survey Interpretation Committee's"
Miami RC Artificial Surface Runway Recommendation
Approved by the Club's BOARD OF DIRECTORS July 11, 2022

This document outlines the final recommendation of the Survey Interpretation Committee on the subject of field configuration for a new artificial surface runway.  This recommendation stems from the options described in the Options document dated June 2022 as delivered by the committee to the board and the membership.  Following a comment period for members to provide additional input about the planning options, the board considered all comments received.  The resulting recommendation incorporates the comments into the final recommendation which best matched member inputs and the committee’s assessment of each option’s benefits and disadvantages to the field.

The committee consisted of the following members:

Mo Azar

Tom Bean

Doug Erhardt

Mike Morgan

Keith Numbers

After reviewing membership comments and revising the best match option to incorporate as many inputs as possible, the committee recommends Option 3 from the Planning Options document (named the “1.5 Width Runway” option) as the basis for the new field configuration.  Based on member comments and committee member assessments, the option is revised with two additions:

  • Retention of the taxiway/hold short strip at the leftmost point of the artificial runway

  • Addition of a triangular runoff extending beside the runway in the direction of the gravel road

The committee reached the recommendation by considering the following additional benefits for the plan as originally described in the Planning Options document:

  • This option fully utilizes the 15’ x 300’ strip to maximize both width and length of a single roll of material

  • The 22’ width (approx.) is assessed to greatly expand usable runway surface while also retaining the challenge of completing a runway landing toward the end of improving pilot skill

  • No grass runway is consumed in the expansion of the fabric runway

  • Retention of the taxiway is recommended as an effective means to reduce (or eliminate) the need for members to be on the active runway surface.  The taxiway also provides a hold short location for aircraft to wait for clearance and reduce unproductive time on the runway such as that for control surface checks or even walking back to a pilot station.  The taxiway material may be harvested from existing, serviceable material.

  • In recognition that a 22’ width may still not be enough for pilots to turn their aircraft around, the addition of a wedge-shaped turn-around would provide an additional 10’ of width at the widest point.  The wedge shape was also selected to reduce the number of right angles which may disrupt a mowing pattern.  The material for the turnaround wedge may be harvested from existing, serviceable material.

Field Diagram (not to scale)


Conclusion of the committee’s work
This recommended option also includes the recommendation that the committee’s work be considered concluded
Decision Points for Next Steps
The committee recommends the board put acceptance of this proposal to membership vote after reasonable consideration time for members.
The committee recommends that a vote to accept the recommendation requires a separate vote on the expenditure of funds with the contingency that a plan to execute the installment of the new fabric and other filed changes (labor especially) be in place.

"Survey Interpretation Committee"

The Survey Interpretation Committee has worked hard to gain an understanding of the needs and wants of our membership and has developed an option that fairly meets the needs of the members of Miami R/C. 

The vote to be taken at the August 9, 2022 monthly membership meeting will be as follows:

Yes = Accept the proposal made by the Survey Interpretation Committee.  How and when to implement the proposal will be researched by an additional committee and voted on by the membership at a later date.

No = Stay with what we have right now.  When it comes time to replace the current fabric runway because it is
worn-out, a vote will be taken to either replace what we currently have or remove it and allow the field to return to grass.

A big thank you to the Survey Interpretation Committee for helping to make Miami R/C the best club it can be!