Hey Miami R/Cers!

This year’s Closing Day Picnic was another successful event!  We had at least 37 people attend.  The weather was good, low winds, very comfortable temperature—at least through about 2pm—which made for good flying and good eating.  And speaking of good eating, our Grill Queen, Pat Drake, who normally takes care of Hot Dog Wednesdays, volunteered her services one more time to grill up the hot dogs and burgers.  These weren’t just any hotdogs and burgers, either.  We had ¼ pound Nathan’s dogs and Angus sirloin beef patties.  Along with that, everyone brought something good to share.  We had macaroni and cheese, macaroni salad, three different homemade coleslaws, meatballs in a savory BBQ sauce, veggie trays and fruit.  We also had GREAT desserts like cherry pie, brownies, apple crisp, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and more!  Virtually every pilot flew at least one plane.  We had everything from giant scale to park-flyers.  It may sound dumb, but you can tell just how healthy a club is by how well its members turn out for events like this, as well as the enthusiasm during the event.  Judging from this year’s Closing Day Picnic, we are a vibrant club.  If you’ve not been out to one of our picnics lately, you really owe it to yourself to join the fun.  Currently, we have three large picnics: Opening Day (late April), July 4th and Closing Day (early October). 
New Pictures Have Arrived 10/12/21

Pictures by Julia & Jim D.,
Harry W. & Bruce C

Grill Queen Pat D. and Crew
A big thank you to everyone who came out, and to the wives and ladies who helped make it a really well-organized and pleasant time of dining and fellowship.  I look forward to seeing YOU next season.

By the way, the field is still open year ‘round.  Come on out while the weather cooperates!

All the best,