2021 - Miami RC - Fun Scale Event
MRC Club Members ONLY  
Join your fellow club members in a NO pressure - NO stress - FUN scale flying event at our
own club runway!
Here are the details:
Date: Saturday - July 24th, with a PILOT’S MEETING starting at 9am (contest will begin
shortly after). R ain date: Saturday July 31st
Event dinner to follow approx. 5pm (please bringing a side dish to share)
Runway will be available for non-event/open flying @ 5pm
Any pilot needing help or assistance prior to the event or the morning of are
encouraged to reach out. There are many club members willing to help.
The Fun Scale Categories: Novice a nd Advanced
? All pilots need a spotter/caller during all flights. No worries here...other pilots are
more than willing to assist.
Event Categories:
Novice pilots need to complete 7 maneuvers during each of their flights.
3 Mandatory Maneuvers: Take-off, Fly Past, and Landing, p lus. ..
4 Optional Maneuvers
**Optional Maneuvers: here is a great resources for Radio Controlled
maneuvers -
¦ ONLY 1 mechanical option can be used per flight
Advanced pilots need to complete 1 0 maneuvers during each of their flights.
4 Mandatory Maneuvers (Take-off, Fly Past, Land, and Realism), p lus. ..
6 Optional Maneuvers
ONLY 1 mechanical option can be used per flight
Pilots will be scored on 3 flights (2 best averaged for final score)
Pilots that show judges a picture of a similar full-scale plane that represents their R/C
plane will receive 5 extra points on one of their flight scores.
You are encouraged to have a pilot figure in your plane, but your scores will not be
penalized for not having one.
One (1) entry/plane per pilot
Registration: pilots are encouraged to register. To Register go HERE prior to Thursday July 22nd, but entries will be accepted at the field until the conclusion of the first round of flights on Saturday.
No Entry fee
Looking forward to flying with you during this FUN event!!

Registered Pilot List
Miami R/C's (2020) First Annual Fun Scale Event was HUGE SUCCESS! 
Written by Bruce Curlette, Club President

A very special THANK YOU to Tom Bean for having the vision and the desire to work out all the details that enabled everyone to have fun.  Because this year went so well, we will be bringing it back next year.

YOU need to come out and give it a try.  If I can do it, anyone can do it.  It was very encouraging, fun, and easy-going.  The judges and others familiar with scale events were super helpful.  Everyone was encouraging everyone else, and anyone who needed help got it.

To be honest, I had some misgivings about participating in this, but the judges and the other pilots laid those fears to rest and I ended up having a really great time and coming away a better pilot.

The event started at 9am with a pilots' meeting.  Here, member Jim Martin, who is also our AMA District III Associate Vice President, went through and let all the pilots know what was going to happen.  Questions were asked and Jim had all the calming answers.  Jim has judged contests for over 30 years, so he really knew his stuff.

Then, the flying commenced.  It became very windy, but all the pilots stayed calm and carried on.  Special kudos to Mo Azar, who flew a little foamy Beaver in the most courageous and professional way.  The wind kicked it around pretty well, but he managed all his maneuvers well and missed coming in first place in the Novice Class by only a little over 4 points.

The Advanced Pilots were fun and inspiring to watch!  As an example of coming out to have fun, member Mike Morgan flew a play that he hadn't flown since last season.  He decided what maneuvers he was going to fly about 10 minutes before he had to fly, and he just had a ball trying out the various maneuvers.  The judges had a good laugh, too!  Other pilots took it more seriously, but had just as much fun.  Keith demonstrated careful attention to details with his Gee-Bee and Rick flew his Zero aggressively and precisely.

We had a few mis-haps.  Dave Creamer's high-wing Citabria got caught by the strong winds right on take-off and experienced a "hard landing."  John Drake was flying his P-41 like an expert, until his throttle servo quit and he made a gentle landing into the corn with no damage.  He thought that the landing should have received a "10" since there was no damage, but the judges thought otherwise.

After all three rounds (around 2:00), the scores were tallied and the results given.  Then there was a festive dinner of burgers and dogs grilled by John Finn (Bruce was too nervous, and no one wanted him burning everything) and plated by Pat Drake.  All in all, it was a very, very fun time.  I was thinking all day long, this is how I've always thought club events should be.  Again, it was #1 Encouraging, #2 Fun, #3 Inspiring and Educational.  Everyone walked away either a better pilot or a more enthusiastic club member and R/C modeler.

Thank you to all the judges (Jim Martin, Doug Miller, Rick Patton, Keith Numbers) who were enthusiastically supportive to each pilot, every time they came up to fly.  They had to sit out in the sun all day long, watching all the pilots fly with (mostly) their complete attention, which is not so easy as the hours wear on.  Special thanks to Jim Martin for judging every round and being the Contest Director.

YOU need to be a part of the 2nd Annual Fun Scale event!  Really, there's nothing to be afraid of or worried about, and there's everything to gain from it!

Here were the results:

Novice Class
Bruce Curlette Ju-87b Stuka
Mo Azar  de Havilland Beaver

Advanced Class
Keith Numbers Gee-Bee Senior Sportster
Rick Patton  Mitsubishi Zero
Tom Bean  Ryan STA
Mike Morgan Big Ultimate w/ smoke!
John Drake P-41
David Creamer Citabria

Jim Martin (rounds 1, 2, 3)
Doug Miller (rounds 1, 3)
Rick Patton (round 2)
Keith Numbers (round 2)

Harry Woosly

Mike Duggan
Randy Hatton
John Finn
Don Dixon
Jay McDaniel
Todd Rapp

Food Service Technicians
Pat Drake
John Finn

Again, thanks to Tom Bean for making this successful event grow from an idea to a reality.

See you at the field!

All the best,