Have your Hot Dog around 5:30pm.
If it's going to be moved because of the weather, you will receive an email of the change.  The only time we'll move it is if it is an actively bad weather day, so double-check your email.
By the way, bring something to fly.
Survey Interpretation Committee Update (6/16/22).
At your next visit to the field, you'll notice some dashed white lines along the geotex runway as well as a few white boxes representing the movement of the pilot stations based on the width of the geotex.  Feel free to walk the marked areas to get a feel for what the options would look like in implementation.

One favor to ask as we move forward - as we did before the creation of the options, the committee seeks your input.  You may pass along your comments, to include support, disdain, glee, or anything else which moves you, to any or all of the committee members.  At the conclusion of a 2-week comment period, the committee will meet to assess membership feedback and present recommendations to the board for further action.

We look forward to hearing from you by June 29th.
Committee members contact info, go to Members Only, Sign In and select On Line Roster.
You can review the options HERE